Pay Per Click Advertising

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) services helps you in landing right traffic on your website giving instant results.

Our key features:

• Expertise in handling Google, Yahoo, Bing & Facebook Campaigns.
• Website Analysis – Product placement analysis, CTA placements, Content analysis.
• Competitor’s keywords analysis, Ads analysis & Landing page analysis.
• Keyword Research – Keywords search volume and Competition analysis.
• Monthly Budget Recommendation – Depending upon keywords volume, bid rate, conversion rate.
• Network Targeting – Search/Display/Contextual/Remarketing based on client budgets.
• Campaign Targeting – Device targeting, Geography targeting, Language targeting

Attract relevant visitors, increase sales and generate more leads!

There’s no advertising technique or channel is apt than paid search (PPC) for the accurate measurement of return on investment (ROI). This practice is optimum to keep you ahead of the competitors and to strengthen your position in the market. Owing to our excellence in handling search campaigns we know that ultimately it’s the results and ROI that really matters. We’ve pioneering approach towards research, optimization and work to generate a greater return for every click, thus making most out of the PPC campaign.

Run lucrative campaigns for your business with adept PPC Management

Best manner to make the most of your performance is by altering your campaign with the help of sound understanding of your business and by picking out the keywords pertinent to your offering. With our PPC measures it’s possible to reach your target audience as we ensure that your ads are posted on sites that will be visited by the kind of audience you need. Once they visit, we pose persistent messages in front of them during the entire user journey and even optimize key resources to improve ROI. Even our Adwords Professionals are highly qualified and they’re consistency updated of the new marketing techniques.

Remarketing (Retargeting)

Bring back your visitors to your site via Retargeting Idea to convert window-shoppers into buyers is Retargeting and here at Digital Milestones we stick to the best doable patterns to bring the visitors back to your website. We’ve clear call-to-action and process it by segmenting the visitors so that right people could be approached via right ads displayed at right places.

What measures we follow to retarget the visitors?

Most visitors to your site leave without making a purchase and retargeting is the way to lure these visitors by displaying retargeting ads to them when they visit other websites.
At Digital Milestone, we start by profiling the visitors as per their traits which can be judged by their way of site navigation and how they respond to your products and services. Meanwhile, 98% visitors leave without converting on the first visit to an online store. However, as the same visitors go to visit the other online sites or social media sites, retargeting ads are displayed to them on the basis of the profiling, in order to lure them back to your website so that they convert into the customers.

Display Advertising

Digital Advertising is the correct mean to attract new and right customers interested to invest in the brand. Through our display advertising service, we inform the prospects about the brand, products and services offered by you, and accordingly present the brand in front of the right prospects. These are the prospects that matter to your business, and are able to increase the revenues. From product promotions, to introduction of special offers or product launches, our display advertising strategy guarantees results in every aspect.
Flexible approach brings greater results
Here, at Digital Milestones, we follow simple and flexible process which is easy to implement, and provides quick results. Once we know the kind of audience you need to reach, we ascertain that you’re seen by right people in the right places, by displaying your ads on the most popular sites of the web.
This is how we do Display Advertising at Digital Milestone
There are various techniques we use in Display Marketing. Web banners, frame ads, pop-ups, overlay ads, are few used by our professionals to come up with profitable results. Thus, engaging the right audience is extremely effortless with us.